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 Join us February 13th for our State of the Ministry. This evening is designed for Board, Staff and volunteers to learn and share where God is leading LifeQuest in 2017. See the events calendar for more information.RUN100-Foundation-Web-Page-Break-February-2016
Community Partners
We are grateful for community organizations that partner with LifeQuest as we mentor a future and a hope with our youth.
Thank you to Washington Federal for providing a Grant to assist us in our efforts to open a boys and a girls Transitional Living Home in 2017.
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RUN100-Foundation-Web-Page-Break-February-2016 Transitional LivingA vision becoming a reality
LifeQuest, for the last 15 years, has been working toward providing Kid focused-Results driven transitional living for the adjudicated youth of New Mexico.
After an extensive national search, LifeQuest has engaged the services of North Carolina’s Methodist Home For Children (MHFC). MHFC has been managing transitional living homes and delivering the Teaching-Family Model to youth in the juvenile justice system of North Carolina for over 23 years, helping young men and women see a positive and achievable path to independence while learning to provide for themselves and take steps toward a productive future. MHFC also provides consultation and training to businesses and organizations throughout the United States and has contracted with LifeQuest in a consulting role for the implementation of this project launch.
Working with MHFC, we will be adopting the Teaching-Family Model in each of our Transitional Living Homes The Model is an evidence-based mentoring model that has proven to “change bad behavior through straight talk and loving relationships”. The Model is administered through the Teaching-Family Association. TFA was founded in 1975 to ensure the quality of care provided by professionals who actively pursue the goals of humane, effective treatment using the framework of the Teaching-Family Model.
LifeQuest will Launch the first two Transitional Living Homes in Winter 2017.
We covet your prayers and support. God has set before LifeQuest an amazing adventure. We will be Launching two Transitional Living homes is Winter 2017!
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