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Autunm Newsletter 2018

Dear Friends,

I had to say goodbye to my mom this week.  She passed away on October 4th and we held her Celebration of Life service on the 21st.  It’s been a difficult thing to work through my emotions on this.  My mom has been very ill over the past couple of years.  Life has not been pleasant for her or those who have loved her.  I know she had trusted Jesus for her eternity.  We had talked about that many times.  So while I celebrate her new life with Jesus I also mourn for the pain and sorrow that accompanies death.  I understand much better today why Jesus wept at the news of the death of his friend, Lazarus.

This month has also highlighted something else for me.  Life is a gift and I need to cherish every moment of it.  I also need to be very aware of my purpose here.  I know without a doubt I exist today for two reasons; First, to love and serve God; and the second closely following the first, to love and serve others.  For me, it’s that simple.  At times I don’t do either very well but I will NOT give up the fight.  I will not let pain, nor sorrow, nor discouragement take me out of this day to day God-given mission.

My mom was a “good” person.  She was never arrested.  She was never in trouble of any kind.  But I don’t believe for a second that God loved and cherished my mom one iota more than the young men and women we serve at LifeQuest.  Their lives are every bit as important and cherished by God as my mom’s life….or your life or mine.  Every life matters to God.  And if those lives matter to God they MUST matter to you and to me.

So we will keep fighting for these young men and women.  We will keep pointing them to the One who loves them the most.  We will keep doing everything we can to help them find the path that leads to life and life abundant.  Thank you to you who have joined us on this journey through your gifts and prayers.  And thank you to those who may be prayerfully considering becoming a part of our mission.  We don’t exist without you.

You are loved and appreciated.  And a special thanks to all who have been praying for me and my family through this difficult time.

” O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? ” 1 Corinthians 15:55

Serving Together,

John Jones