We seek to partner with the Faith Community

Mentoring is the avenue through which life change is most effectively made. It makes sense that our team of volunteers/mentors is the heart of LifeQuest. Through a network of local churches, our ministry is supplied this critical component that is the relationship; respect is earned and influence is achieved, leading to a redirected life, hope for the future, and better decision-making.

Our volunteers call 15 local churches home. LifeQuest is on the missions budget of 3 Albuquerque/Rio Rancho churches. If you want your church to know more, our President will gladly share with a small group, committee or congregation.

We seek to partner with the Academic Community

Our Tutors provide educational assistance to the adjudicated youth. Once they are back in the community, we look to our academic partners to provide the necessary guidance, training, and education needed to transition into society with the tools they need to be successful.

We are grateful to the 4 schools/Apprenticeship programs that participated in the 2019 College and Career Fair.

We seek to partner with the Business Community

A crucial step in becoming a beneficial part of society is to engage in meaningful employment and to engage in a career. Our business partners offer both apprenticeships, as well as career opportunities to youth that are serious about investing in their future.

We had 15 local businesses join us at the 2019 College and Career Fair.